Worcestershire Documentary Style Wedding Photographer

Worcestershire Documentary Wedding Photographer.

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Shot some B&W digital film the other weekend ☺️ We layered up, hat and gloves on, packed our wellies and headed over to the Forest of Dean where we met up with Ambers little cousin. The weather was perfect, skies were clear with a crisp morning air that was just right for a stomp around the trails. Wood carvings of Gruffalo's and giant spiders were to be found along the way with a few unexpected visitors... rats! 

Roast beef with Sunday trimmings

Ate out with the family recently. I always carry a camera with me. That day was shot with my new (old) Minolta Autocord medium format camera. My daughter & brother fed the two ponies grass & probably left over roast beef.

Minolta Autocord | Tri-X 400. Developed & scanned at Ward Labs (my utility room) 


I shot this of my daughter Amber (who seldom lets me take a picture of her any more) on Brean sands where we spent the weekend at 8:30am this morning and it was developed and scanned by early afternoon on returning home even before we started unpacking.

Bronica ETRSi- Kodak Portra 400

Bronica ETRSi- Kodak Portra 400